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    These are all in .wav format.

    Album 1 (Corky and the Juice Pigs)

    666-6666 (228k)

    Americans (297k)

    Basketball Ass (114k)

    Buddhist Monk Singers (41k)

    Toilet Candy (267k)

    Captian Greg (139k)

    Pandas (Must Die) (141k)
    Pandas (Must Die) 2nd Part (160k)

    Concierge! (110k)

    Doubt (87k)

    The Only Gay Eskimo (530k)

    Gameshow 1 (192k)

    Gameshow 2 (162k)

    Gameshow 3 (179k)

    East Indian Love Affair (159k)

    The Miners (143k)

    P.S.A. 1 (116k)

    P.S.A. 2 (123k)

    P.S.A. 3 (108k)

    Psychopathic Killer in the Summertime (54k)

    Rok Stedy (68k)

    I used my grandma as a Skateboard (50k)

    Tribute to Suzanne Vega (236k)

    TODD!!! (138k)

    Truckers (91k)

    When The Moon (134k)

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