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    These are all in .wav format.

    Album 2 (Pants!)

    Circus Freaks (104k)

    The Boot Cut (193k)

    Burp / Killer Birds (Secret Track) (200k)

    Burn Victim Girl (103k)

    The Church of the Well-Endowed Men (53k)

    Curly's Pants (73k)

    Diet Riot (100k)

    The Dolphin Boy (98k)

    Enviro-Girl (109k)

    French Cowboys (97k)

    Janitor (153k)

    Midget Love Slave (110k)

    Pants! (172k)

    (3rd World) Picnic Party (56k)

    Rabies (121k)

    R.E.M. (182k)

    Christmas Dreams (89k)

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