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    2/20/02: I finally got some time to update this site. I changed the picture pages around so they are easier to load and view. I also added some pictures that Ben gave me from his disposable camera. They're up on Pictures 3.

    1/11/02: We had the FIRST ANNUAL "Tom Comes Back From Hawaii Beatdown!" This celebrated day had many firsts: First woman in fight club, 2nd woman in fight club, first "chick fight," and first fight club not taking place at Ben's house! It was a wonderful time! We had a rather large audience, and I've got some awesome pictures! Unfortunately, my camera is screwed up at the moment, so these pictures may not be top notch quality. Sorry! Check out the BIOs section, as we have new members, and remember to check out the fights section to see the bouts.

    12/02/01: Ok, here's the deal. blew up, so I'm updating everything to my new host. Ben is gone at college, so it will probably be awhile before we can get a fightclub together, because he owned the equipment. I don't know how long I will be able to keep, but you can always see it by going to and clicking on the link.

    7/27/01: I haven't heard from Ben in awhile.....but watch for pictures soon.

    5/13/01: No Fight club on Sunday the 13th because of mother's day (mommy says I should play nice.)

    5/6/01: We didn't have many people show up this time. Only 5 people. We taped the fights, and if I can find someone with a TV out we'll convert them into Real Media and post them.

    4/29/01: After Ben's return from France, we had our first outdoor fight club! We also have a new member, John. New Pictures are posted, along with short Animations at the bottom of this page.

    4/1/01: Another Awesome day for fighting. New pictures and other stuff is up. There will be NO FIGHT CLUB next sunday! Mark your calendars.

    3/18/01: We had some awesome fights! Anders and Tom had the FIRST Kick-allowed fight. Uploaded new stats, fighters, pictures, and fights.