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3/24/04: Hey Guys. New pictures are up from gigs over christmas break. All the files are back up too.

9/5/03: It's my sad duty to report that Housebroken has broken up because the members are going to different colleges. Scott & I (Ty) are both going to the University of Wisconsin - Madison, so we're going to start up a new band down there. Hopefully, we'll be able to get together during the summers and tour around for awhile. Our entire CD "The Frog & The Lizard Frolicking In Lilliput" is now up under the music section. Go download the songs and share them with friends. Thanks for all the good times!
- Ty


Holy crap! I'm back! We just got out of the recording studio, and we've got quite an awesome album for sale right now! Forget any of that old crap, this is the GOOD STUFF! I've got pictures up, and I'll have some tracks up soon too. We'll be playing at the all night grad party, so look for that. Lyrics are also up, for those of you who can't understand what the fudge I'm saying on the record.


Well this is certainly cool. We won both the talent show and the battle of the bands. We had 3 gigs in one week! The talent show, the UWS gig, and the snow week assembly (which, although never cool, did go a lot better than last year). Only a couple more gigs and we've got the money for the CD! New pics are up!


We've been having an excellent month! We won the Battle of The Bands! Only $348.10 To go for the CD! We're going to be working as hard as we have been in February too. We've got a gig set up at UWS opening for "Lo," another Manitou Inn gig, and a gig up at Spirit Mountain. The date for the Spirit Mountain gig is TBA, but it should be some friday in Feb. I'm working on fixing the dead link to Army worms. It should be up soon. And OF COURSE, lots of new pictures!


New gigs are up - One on the 11th at Manitou Inn, and one on the 25th at Encounter Skate Park. Check the gigs page for further info. Also, our CD relese has been pushed back to April or May.


We now have an AWESOME Housebroken store! Click on the link on the side, and check out our items. Remember, we don't get any profit from this store - this is all for the fans! Everything is BASE PRICE. Check it out! Remember to get tickets to the battle of the bands!


I Know, I know, I'm a big dork. I haven't updated in a helluva long time, and it's mostly due to Calculus. It sucks, let me tell you. Anyways, we finally have a music page up, where you can download our MP3s, and I updated the gigs page to list the battle of the bands. Make sure you get your tickets early!! There are also new pictures up from our gig on 11/09/02. Check 'em out. Oh! And check out the links page for a rant.

9/5/02: Holy Crap! It's been a whole two months! Well, I've been in Japan, and with school starting up there's not a whole lot going on right now. We're getting ready for the battle of the bands, and Ryan's back from his summer job. We're going to make a new CD very soon, and we're working on songs for it. New pictures from our gig at Manitou Inn are up. There's also a very good chance that we'll be playing there on September 14th. Keep checking back to find out!

7/6/02:Hey! The shows went great, and as always we have new pictures up. BIG NEWS! We just released our first CD! I'll try to get more info up on it, and possibly a paypal sort of deal in the future.

6/25/02:How many people want us on their MP3 Player? Well now you can! We've released an MP3 of us doing "Where is my mind" at Soup Fest 2002. I'll have a download page up soon, but until then,Click Here - Housebroken - Where is My Mind - Live @ Soup Fest 2002.

6/1/02: Added gig dates and information, added Mike on the "members" page.

5/17/02:Added practice and battle of the bands pictures on the picture page. Also, the dates for the Renegade Comedy gig are the 27th, 28th, and 29th unless something goes wrong.

5/4/02: Picture page is updated with new pictures from practice. MOVIES will be up soon. Make sure you come to the Battle of the Bands on May 9th! 6:00!

4/25/02: We've landed a gig with Renegade comedy theatre in Duluth this summer! We'll be participating in their summer review. We're still deciding the date, but I'll post it as soon as I have it!

4/16/02: We're scheduled to play at the SSHS battle of the bands on May 9th. More info on the "gigs" page. New pictures are coming soon!