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Gig at Central Park

This was when we had Matt in the band, and Ty was just the lead singer. Matt got us the hook up with the park people and we played for about 2 hours in front of a crowd of about 30-40 people.

Le Petit

Ahh, our first gig. Back then we were called "Stone Angel." We packed that small coffee house with a crowd of about 50-60 people! Too bad Le Petit closed down, or we would have had a steady gig place.

Pattison Park for the SSCC

The Superior Sister Cities Commission asked us to perform at Pattison Park for the Japan delegation. Not only were we hassled by "the man," we were also SHUT DOWN by "the man" who literally yanked our power.

Talent Show: 2001

Our first showing, the 2001 talent show. We had a lot of publicity after this show.

Talent Show: 2002

The world now knows us as housebroken! We took third place in the show and won a $100 prize.

Sno-Week Assembly 2002

More like a joke than a gig, we were hassled, unplugged, and degraded.

Battle of The Bands 2002

Our best show ever! We took third place in the show.

Soup Fest Dance 2002

Great equiptment, great setting, but only 10 people. Well......at least the thought was there.

Grandma's Marathon 2002

It was great! Kinda like an outdoor practice, we played for 3&1/2 hours while this Japanese guy who looked like my host father danced across the street! Unfortunately, we didn't have the camera with us :(

Renegade Comedy Theatre

Great fun! The show was terrific, and the audience was very responsive!

Ballyhouse Records - Our First CD!

The CD sounds awesome, and we had a great experience despite the heat :)

Manitou Inn

We've learned a valuable lesson - drunk people love our music! Do you know any Tom Petty?

11/09/02 Garage Gig

We hadn't played for awhile, so we decided to get some people together in my garage, and have a concert. It was fun!

1/11/03 Manitou Inn

Fun Fun Fun. And good pizza.

SSHS Battle Of The Bands '03

Absolutely amazing show! We prove that we rock!

Encounter Gig

Hey, you can't go wrong with a private band loft!

2003 SSHS Talent Show

It was the suits that pushed us to the top. :)

2/13/03 UWS Gig

Small crowd, but all out groupies were there, so it was fun.

2003 SSHS Snow Week Assembly

Much better than last year. If I can find some pictures I'll put them up.

Practice/Misc Pictures

Just pictures of us doing our thing.