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5/10/03: Wow. What a slacky year it's been for the webpage! Ken's BBQ is over now, and we've got new pics up. Well, this will probably be my last update. I'm handing the site over to Little John AKA the Pitbull. Teaching HTML is hard, let me tell you. Will I ever finish the 2003 BIOS? No, probably not. But he might! We'll see, I guess...
Here's a toast - to four good years of taking dumps in Rhinelander's rooms when they weren't looking. (Bet you guys wondered what that was, huh?) And also to hosting this wicked cool website. I'm out, ladies & gents. See you on the 0th3R51d3!

3/16/03: Well, boys and girls, mock trial season is over. I'm proud to announce that our team came in 2nd place in the state - That's right...(echo voice) THE FINAL ROUND - and we got to argue in front of the Supreme Court, which was awesome. As always, there were frequent stops to Tutto Pasta and Ping Time, along with other landmarks. Pictures are up, and quotes too. Keep checking back for info on Ken's BBQ party.

Also, on a sad note: This is my last year in Mock Trial, and I'm going to miss it a lot. Unfortunately, this also means it's my last year as the webmaster of Superior Mock This presents a problem, as no current team members know anything about HTML. So unless we can find a replacement host, this may be the last year of updates. If you plan on joining mock trial next year, or have any experience in HTML and just want to help, PLEASE e-mail me. My e-mail address can be found at the bottom of the page.

2/12/03: Allright! We won regionals...again! I'm currently working on putting pictures and quotes up, and maybe even the alphasmart stuff! (By the time you read this, most of that stuff should be up already).

1/30/03: I just added some pics. I'm really busy, so no quotes update yet! Sorry!

12/23/02: Another update. More pictures, quotes, and the case has been put up. W00t!

12/6/02: Mary and I are updating the webpage! Woo! Check out the new pictures and stuff. More to come soon. Woo!

Dates of Competitions:

  • Regionals: Febuary 9-10
  • State: March 10-(13?)

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