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1/28/08: New TKD pics. Many people ask why I don't update this site as often as I do anymore. Well, two reasons: First, back in the day, having your own website and posting the pics directly was really the only way to host pictures online. Flickr wasn't there, neither was facebook, or myspace pictures. Nowadays, it's just plain easier to have someone else do it for you. Secondly, my camera was 9 YEARS OLD. It was very hard to tote around. I've got a better camera now, and hopefully I should get my act in gear and update more often.

4/29/06: Ug. I know, I know, I need to update more. Well, more TKD pictures are up from the recent test with Master D'Amico. He was a really cool guy. In other news, my album has been released, and you can check out more about that on www.PaperTigerBand.com. Hopefully more pics up after school lets out.

12/04/05: Pictures from the TKD Belt Test are up!

11/14/05: New picture page up - pics from my 21st b-day, and misc college stuff.

9/6/05: New picture page containing all the extra pics I had left over from summer, and the boating trip I took with bookman, zach, and aki. Go to it, people!

7/19/05: What's up, people? I'm living it up in Madison over the summer, and I've been saving up the best of the best to display on the new picture page! Yes, we've got it all...drama, suspense, cokehead roommates, all the flavorful toppings that make up this luscious landscape. Move those clicker fingers over to the photo section and start checking it out!

5/15/05: Sophomore year is over! Finally, no more math, an awesome job (or jobs...haven't solidified the 2nd one yet), and a sweet summer in Madison! Pics are up from the TKD Belt Test and the end of the year around the college!

3/30/05: Well, spring break is over, and you know what that means! New picture page is up! Go see our amazing exploits from our trip to Canada & Superior!

3/07/05: New Faces of Jon! Also pictures are up from my trip to superior last weekend, and also of misc. Jon party pics.

1/26/05: Merry Christmas, Winter-een-mas, Kwanza, whatever. I'm back in college, doing the school thing. Jono wanted me to update my pics, so I borrowed a few from Adam, my next door neighbor, and made THE BIG FOUR-OH! That's right, 40 picture pages. Holy crap, am I that old? As a side note, looks like me and Mr. Story will be rooming together over the summer. A blast shall be had - it has been decreed by the gods of fun.

12/05/04: Well, the Tae Kwon Do belt test is over, and I am SORE. So, since I can hardly move, I decided to hobble over to the computer and upload some pics from when Dana came to visit, thanksgiving break in Superior, and the Tae Kwon Do belt test pictures and movies. Check 'em out!

11/9/04: Hey everyone, how's it going? Just came back from Chicago, where we enjoyed a very good pizza. And yes, we went to Chicago ONLY to get a pizza. We also got locked in a stairwell. Check out the new picture page for the Chicago pics. Halloween pictures are up as well. Sorry there are so few....there was light rain and I didn't want to get the camera wet.

10/14/04: And lo, 10 days later there emerged 34 Pictures of Grafitti from the pit that was Picture Page 36. And it was good.

10/4/04: After being nagged by Johnny McJonkins, a new picture page is up. Mucho thanks to Mr. McJonkins for reminding me of my civic duty to keep putting up pics. So, without further ado, go to picture page 36 and check out the new awesomeness!

9/28/04: Hey everyone! I'm in the process of error checking my webpages. If you find any errors in the pictures or files, let me know. New pics up soon, I hope!

9/10/04: Hello world! I'm back at college, and living it up! I finally quit my horrible, back-breaking job (which was awesome) and moved back to madison. The band's up and kicking, and we've got new songs for you soon. We may change our name though....more news on that later. No pictures just yet...still waiting for really cool events and such. All I can say is: I'm SO GLAD TO BE BACK IN MADISON!!!

7/11/04: What's this? An update in less than a month!? Yes, people, it can be done. That is, it can be done when the boss and the rest of the roadie crew are off at Life Fest leaving no one at the shop. This weekend, I hung out with a band....you may have heard of them. They're a little band out of Canada called....BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE!!! That's right people, I hung out with BTO. It was very very cool, and their live show was quite kick-ass, if I do say so myself. Pictures of that show are up on Page 35, along with a photo of me & BTO - I had to take it just to prove to Bill that I actually met the guys. Also, I was lucky enough to have my friends along for the ride, and after we finished setting up, we got bored....and what do we do when we get bored? That's right! We do another "Many Faces Of Jon!" We've got some new ones up on Page 25, so check those out.

7/7/04: Man, I miss college a lot! I've been working as a roadie, and that's fun....sometimes. I'll speak more candidly later on at the end of summer about that. Until then, I've got new pictures from the 4th of July (actually taken on the 5th), and some pictures from when I roadied for Steppenwolf. Check out picture page 35 for those pics.

5/08/04: Woo! Last day of classes, and the finals begin! To celebrate the completion of my first college year, I'm putting up new pics! Thanks for everyone who left messages on the board for me, you guys rule. Many people ask me why the site isn't updated as often as usual, and...well, really, here at college, there's not usually a whole lot of things to photograph. Certainly not nearly as many "class trips" or events or anything. Either that or I just plain forgot the camera, or I thought it was too dangerous for a camera. So, sorry you're not getting a healthy dose of pictures, I'll try to shoot more.

By the way, you all NEED to check out my new band, Paper Tiger. You can click this link, or try clicking the "ROCK" button above. You'll find a new surprise! We have free MP3s from our demo up on the site, so download them and let me know what you think.

Tae Kwon Do promotion test pictures are up on page 34, and other new pics are up on page 35.

4/01/04: Since the site's been down for so long, I thought it would be a good idea to re-upload all of my old small pictures, but this time, put them in 3d! That's right, I spent a whole day researching it, but I finally wrote the script to change all of the old crappy pictures into fully animated, interactive new pictures! Check them out! Oh, and also I've put a new picture page up - Page 33, which contains charity ball pictures, Hunger Artist pictures, and Misc. college stuff. Enjoy! Remember to check the old pics!

3/24/04: I've gone through all my pages and fixed all the broken links. Let me know if you find one!

3/17/04: All right children, gather round, Uncle Ty's going to tell you a little story. Once upon a time, there was a happy little website. This website had a bunch of neat pictures and links and was generally very happy. One day, a big mean old corporate merger came into happy sunny time village (where the website lived) and started switching and replacing servers. The big mean old corporate merger gobbled up the happy website and the happy website was imprisoned in it's stomach for FOUR LONG MONTHS! Brave webmasters tried to rescue the website, but their school's stupid fluctuating internet was like big sharp teeth that kept the webmasters out. Finally, spring roled around, and since the corporate merger hadn't brushed his teeth in awhile, the big sharp teeth became invested with bugs and bacteria, so the brave webmaster gave a little nudge and *Wham*! Down flew a few teeth like open doors. Finally the brave webmaster was able to save the webpage, but it had stayed in the monster's stomach for sooooo long that he forgot all the happy pictures and cool designs he once had. So, the gentle webmaster slowly (read: 56k modem at home) helped the webpage remember what it once forgot. Because the webmaster was so kind, the webpage even found out some new cool things (read: new picture pages) and everyone lived happily ever after. The End!

(Note: I was just kidding about the whole "mean old corporate merger" thing. Webmanix Hosting has always given me top service and support....let's hope this merger doesn't change anything *cough cough*)

11/3/03: *Haze*....Well...hey, everyone. That's right, I'm still recovering from the Halloween festivities. Boy did we have some fun! Heheheh...what's that you ask? What did we do? Well, the specifics are a secret, but let's just say the pizza was good, and everyone was smiling profusely. So I just got done with my second Japanese Midterm, and I don't have much homework (still have to memorize that scene, though), so I thought I'd update the webpage. I'd update more often, but there's not that much picture-taking going on around here. It's getting kinda wet here too, and my camera doesn't appreciate moisture. Not like that new weatherproof digital olympus. Grrrr....

So anyway, new pics are up, check them out. Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween.

9/24/03: Hey everyone! I'm at college! That's right...college. Higher learning. The Dorm Room Squeeze. Drunken Revelry. New People. Old Classes. Old Professors. New ladies....oh yeah. I think I'm gonna enjoy college. Picture page 27 is up, with pictures from the first week of college life, and our accidental trip to Chicago. That's right, ACCIDENTAL. We got lost. Don't Ask. Enjoy the new pics.

8/10/03: I added grad pictures, last day pictures, & grad party pictures. I'm working on the Games section & the entry page. Stay tuned!

7/20/03: Guess why I haven't updated the site in a month? Cause I'm TOTALLY RE-DOING it! Hope you all enjoy the new layout, it should be easier to navigate than the last one, and it looks purdy as well. Hopefully I'll get my lazy butt around to putting up some pictures.

5/24/03: In honor of absolutely nothing, another picture page is up! Now you may view "The Many Faces of Jon!"

5/23/03: Hey, guess what? Prom pictures are now up! Hope you enjoy the ... stuff.

5/10/03: Ok, I KNOW I haven't updated for awhile. And there are reasons let me tell you. First off, take a look at the list from the former post. Then add final projects, AP tests, and the like. Second, my computer CAUGHT ON FIRE. I'm not kidding about this - it actually CAUGHT ON FIRE. So I was incapacitated for about a month while I pieced together a new computer. Luckily all my data was backed up. Finally.....until recently there hasn't been a whole lot of things to take pictures of. Sure, there was mock trial, but that has it's own page, remember? To make it up to you die-hard fans, I've gone PICTURE CRAZY! That's right, Forensics, Cloquet Prom, and Acoustic Cafe pictures are now up! Soon to be up - a movie of caleb sleeping. Hehehehehehehehehehehe.....sleeping.....

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