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Changes at Fighter Practice:

We're changing around fighter practice to a new squad based capture the flag scenario. The reason for this is because people are getting sick of waiting 10 minutes to set up a small scenario, then waiting another 10 minutes to get stuff in place, then hearing about the story for 10 minutes from the "traveling healer" who always turns on you in the end anyway. The way in which we will work the new practice is this:

First, every player will have two characters, one you use at fighter practice, and one you use for events. Fighter practice characters will die off quickly, so you can try different types of characters. It is up to you and your squad to decide what your team needs. Squads should definitely think about assigning some people to be healers, blacksmiths, tailors, etc. In the beginning of each scenario, an amount of metal and leather will be placed with your team. The way experience works is this: You carry around poker chips. When you kill another player, he gives you his poker chip. Different players (leaders, lackies, etc) will be worth different amounts of XP. Capturing the enemy flag will be worth XP. There are many different ways in which to build your character up.

The major advantage to changing fighter practice to this squad-based CTF scenario is that if gives the player good practice in creating characters and seeing where strengths and weaknesses lie in skill combinations. It also helps develop tactical skills needed for survival during an event.

New characters can be mailed to TPAL_logs@yahoo.com.

PS: Chris, E-mail me if I forgot anything.