Corbin's Bad Day - By Chris Grimm
A Excerpt from The 2002 LARP Rules

"It can't be hit by normal weapons," I said from our hiding place underneath a cluster of trees.

"Are you sure?" Glandale asked.

"Positive. That's no mortal creature, I'm sure it's a powerful undead. We just need an enchanted weapon to fight it," I explained.

"Well, then this will be useful." Glandale grinned as he pulled his enchanted dagger from its hiding place. He'd won it at a recent tournament, though the means of his victory have been suspect to many. Bribery, graft and corruption are some of the best guesses to his talents, though his skill with a blade is well known in these parts.

"Can you use it?" I asked, peering over the ledge to see if the shadowy swordsman had returned to the outskirts of town.

"I can," came a voice from behind them. This time it was Sheper Clayson, a stealthy and solid fighter in his own right.

Handing the dagger over to Sheper, Glandale said, "Take this, but I get its weapon when were done."

Despite the shadowy swordsman's use of two weapons, we all knew that Glandale meant the mithril longsword it used.

As we left our spot of covering we tapped Ty on the shoulder and explained our plan. Ty had been keeping watch while we decided the best course of action.

We went to search for the swordsman, but it had already found us. Standing before us was a faceless being, as black as shadow and carrying two swords. It pointed at me and silently beckoned me forward. As the party approached it stopped us. Again, it pointed at me and beckoned me forward.

"It must want to show me something." I announced. Later information showed I was wrong on a great many things today, but this would be the most severe by far.

As the swordsman led me a good distance from the rest of my group, he stopped and pointed to the base of a tree. I leaned forward for a closer look. A burning pain shot through my left arm as the creature struck me. I began retreating and blocking madly with my staff, while the rest of my group came running to my aid.

As Sheper, Ty and Glandale approached, the swordsman melted into the woods. This was just fine with me. The wound was deep, and I had lost a good deal of blood already from its gash. Ty prepared bandages and continued to apply them until the bleeding stopped.

The rest of my party took turns asking me what I was thinking as we limped back to town. When we arrived we began to formulate a second strategy to defeat the mysterious swordsman. The planning process ended quickly as the Sheriff of Shadowgrove was spotted returning to town, the dark fighter's mithril sword in hand. The town was safe again, but it didn't help ease my wounds. I swore then that I would rise to fill my father's shoes as a capable defender of the city. Next time, I promised myself, I would not fail. Next time…

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