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We've taken the time to compile a list of in and out of game terms that you might not be familiar with.  The terms are sorted alphabetically and the definition is located on the line following the term.  If you feel we're missing anything, let us know.

-= A =-

AP –
    Armor Points.  The amount of damage armor can take before being destroyed.

-= B =-

    A general term used to describe the hand-to-hand weapons used in the game.

-= C =-

    A simple incantation.  Generally used for invoking a simple spell.

Character --
A player's in game persona.  If they are acting on their own impulses they're known as PCs (Player Characters, SEE ALSO PC).  If Plot has given them direction they're known as NPCs (Non Player Characters, SEE ALSO NPC).

-= D =-

Dwarf Bread
    Bread with the consistency of rocks.

-= E =-

    Playing the game in a full role-playing environment.  Usually involves a plot and always involves a chance for character interaction.

-= F =-

Faith --
A character's belief  that a specific Immortal will aid them in times of need.  See also IMMORTAL.

Fighter Practice –
This is a time that players can get together to exchange information about different elements of  LARPing.  This can include everything from casting spells, combat tactics, costume design or just hanging out.

    Fighting with two weapons.

-= G =-

    A character’s costume.

GM --
While most RPGs consider this the game master, in our case it is the General Manager.  Overall they're the go to person when you have an issue.  In this particular case, our GM also maintains and writes the rules system.

    A character who commits acts for no reason other than to upset the game.  Such actions usually include a blatant disregard for the rules.  Griefers will not be tolerated, and may not receive a warning before being removed from the game.

-= H =-

HP –
    Hit points.  The amount of physical punishment a character or monster can take.

-= I =-

    In character.  Any actions you’re taking as your character in game are considered IC.    See also:  OOC

IG --
In Game.  Anything that takes place in character, or that has an effect on characters.

Immortal --
To avoid offending anyone here, there are no deities in this LARP.  Instead certain PC's have attained immortality, and can grant special abilities to characters that have faith in them, and help carry out their goals.

    The words used for casting spells.

-= L =-

Logistics --
The staff member in charge of maintaining all in-game information and statistics, though not the story.  The story is maintained by plot.

Looting --
Searching a killed creature for treasure.

-= M =-

Mage –
    Anyone specializing in magical studies.

Metagaming –
Metagaming is where a character uses OOC knowledge to advance their character.  This is considered against the rules and can result in a warning or even being banned.

Mithril –
The exact properties of Mithril are unknown.  Some claim it to be a magical metal.  Others claim its just an extraordinary one.  Whatever its properties and origins are, its effects are well known.  It is immune to rust and completely unbreakable.  It sharpens to a fine edge and is lighter weight than steel improving its potential damage.

    A persona developed by plot.  Monsters tend to be low in character detail, and are almost exclusively used to add combat.

Monster Camp --
The staging area where players playing monsters get their orders and costume to head out and harass the characters.

MP –
Magic Points.  The character’s tie to magical energy.  Represents the amount of spells a character may cast per day.

-= N =-

Newbie (male)
Newlyn (female)

    These three terms refer to inexperienced players.  Newlyn is rarely used, with Newbie being the common term, however, generally only newbs use the term newbie, and experienced characters usually default to newb.  Newb is also considered less polite than newbie.

NPC --
A player playing a character who's actions have been instructed by Plot.  They tend to have a bit more information and personality then the monster's you'll meet on the trails.

-= O =-

    Out Of Character.  This refers to things that occur outside the scope of an event.  Examples are information you heard as a player the day before the event is out of character.  If you hear about it from another character that would be IC.

OOG --
Out Of Game.  This generally represents areas that are not supposed to be interacted with by players during a game.  It generally references anything that's happening out in real life.  But we don't care much about that anyway.

-= P =-

    Abbreviation for Player Character.  PC’s are the players who have invented their own personas to play in the game.  These personas are under exclusive control of the person playing them, thus can’t be scripted by plot.

    Player Killers.  It is perfectly legal for player characters to fight amongst each other.  Some PC’s will actually take this up as their trade, and rob other players.  Getting killed by one of these outlaw players is considered ‘getting PK’d’.

Phys Rep-
Physical Representation -
A physical representation of an item.  Some items being described don’t really exist in real life, or are to dangerous to use.  Such as Magic Potions or Real Swords.  Because of this props take their place.  These mock ups are called physical representations. 

Anyone taking part in an event. 

    The people in charge of designing the adventures, treasure and monsters that will occur during an event. 

-= R =-

    The act of resurrecting a character. 

    One of the players capable of making calls on interpreting the rules.

RL --
Real Life.  Little is known of this mysterious realm existing between events.

Rosette Fish
    A false lead (red herring).

RP –
Rebuild points.  Experience points used specifically and only to restore your skills after a death when reincarnation was the only option.

RPG --
Role Playing Game.  Any game where you pretend to be someone else and achieve their goals, in their world.

-= S =-

    Plot’s direction to a monster or NPC.  Plot has the right to set the motivations, skills and difficulty of any monster or NPC.


    Slang for the coins used as money in the game.  These are also called Silver or Coin.

Spell(s) –
A magical ritual which brings about a specific effect.  Spells can be used for damage, for protection, information, or just about any thing you can think of.  This game is just that a game, and spells that are 'cast' in the game are fictional as well.  There is no real magic located in this game.  Our monsters are guys in masks, and our spells are colored bean bags filled with bird seed and held shut with a rubber band.

Spell Packet --
A colored cloth filled with small grain birdseed.  These are thrown to represent the casting of a spell.

Staff --
A blunt two handed weapon.  Excellent defensively, though does less damage than a blade.
    One of the flustered looking people running around during an event.  Staff arbitrates the rules, writes the plot for the adventure, keeps track of all the in game stats, and ensures out of game things run as smoothly as possible by securing the land, following up with players, etc.

-= T =-

Turteling –
    The act of hiding behind a shield to completely eliminate an opponent’s chance of hitting you.

-= X =-

XP –
Abbreviation for experience points.  For each event that they play their character, players earn experience points (XP).  These points can be spent to improve the skills of your character.

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