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New! New! New! - Posted By Ty - 5/24/03.
I'm sure you can tell by the header that we've got new stuff for you. If you can't, well...then frankly I don't quite know what to think about you. You'd think that a person who reads "new new new" would have the idea that..(*Chris bonks Ty on head with foam sword*)...but I digress. We have new pictures up, and a new IMPORTANT announcement about fighter practice, so click on the announcements page. We also have NEW land (knock on wood). Hopefully you should all hear about the land next fighter practice (this sunday, 12:00).

I'm back - Posted By Ty - 5/11/03.
Hey guys & gals, I'm back. Sorry I haven't updated....my computer caught on fire. Chris is currently working on moving the site over to another hosting place, so bear with us while we're under construction. Practices have started up again, every sunday at 12:00 at billings park. Bring your friends! We've got new pictures up as well.

New Domain Name! - Posted By Ty - 3/13/03.
w00t! Thanks to Chris, we've got a new domain name! www.TPLARP.com No more annoying banner ads or other junk!
Also, there's a meeting Sunday, March 23rd at the Public Library at 1:00. Hope everyone can make it!

Pics And Reminders - Posted By Ty - 1/30/03.
New pics are up from meetings. And remember about game day!

February 15th (a Saturday) from 9 AM -> 10 PM At Superior Town Hall

This is the all day game day. Bring games you'd like to play. Try and find someone to play with. This is a perfect chance to bring people who've never LARPed with us before. They can meet us and play a game they're familiar with playing.

Ty will of course be hosting his house of LAN. So if you have a PC you can haul down, you might be able to join us in some head to head computer action.

Meeting Days - Posted By Ty - 12/14/02.
Dec 18th (a Wednesday) from 6:30 PM -> 8:30 PM At the Superior Public Library

Weapons and Costume design. There will (as always) be some miscelaneous discussion of general LARP things. ALSO we will be setting up and signing up for the Pot Luck Dinner to be held in January. Everyone should be prepared to bring a few dollars to put towards the hall rental and an idea of what they want to cook for the dinner.

Jan 18th (a Saturday) from 5 PM -> 9 PM At Superior Town Hall

Ask me for directions, its way past South Superior on Tower (about 8 1/4 miles south of K-Mart). This will be a general dinner/get together. There will be some announcements and fun, but all in all, it's just an excuse to get together over the winter.

February 15th (a Saturday) from 9 AM -> 10 PM At Superior Town Hall

This is the all day game day. Bring games you'd like to play. Try and find someone to play with. This is a perfect chance to bring people who've never LARPed with us before. They can meet us and play a game they're familiar with playing.

Ty will of course be hosting his house of LAN. So if you have a PC you can haul down, you might be able to join us in some head to head computer action.

A Miracle! An Update! - Posted By Ty - 11/28/02.
It's finally happened! What, you may ask? Is it a donation from some mystery billionaire? No, not quite. Is it a lifetime supply of duct tape from Menards? No, try again. Did Chris finally get the surgically-implanted elf ears? No, but I'm sure he would. Give up? The website's been updated! Wow! Amazing! Everybody's been asking my "Hey Ty, when are you going to update?" Well, it took until turkey day, but I did it. I have all the pictures from everything up to the end of the year up, and I'll soon be offering a TPLARP Picture CD (Containing pictures from all 3 years) for the low low price of $5. "Why would I pay for something like that," you ask? Well, think of it this way.

There are 300 pictures currently up on the website. My hard drive, however, holds a treasure chest of over 700 TPLARP pictures.

I think you can put 2 and 2 together. Contact me at TPAL_logs@yahoo.com if you want to buy one. Oh, and by the way, I think I fixed the problem with the 3 movies I had on the photo directory not working. Check the page, and see if you can download all 5 movies. I'll keep the website updated with meetings and parties during the off-season, so check back often.

Ja Matte.

9/8/02: Holy Moly Rocky! I haven't added pictures in quite a while! Sorry about that.....I was in Japan, and school started, and...you know. We've had some interesting developments over this time, mainly that fighter practice HAS MOVED TO SUNDAYS AT 12:00 so make sure that you don't show up on thursdays 'cause there may not be anyone there. Also we've got some prospective land that we'll be (knock on wood) using soon. It also looks like September will be the last event of this season, with the advent of Big Steve stepping down from plot. Steve gave us some awesome adventures, so make sure to thank him the next time you see him. Also, we're looking for new people over the summer because frankly, we need more people to make the events better (not to mention some prodigy to fill the plot position). Keep your eyes open for anyone who you think might be interested. Anyways, enough of this rant. We've got new pictures up, and we're toying with a "weblog" idea for the main page so you can hear from other people besides me (Crowd:YAY!). HEY! I heard that!



will be the site for the event tomorrow. Same bat place, same bat time (12:00). Meet us at Billings park at 11:30 if you need a ride.



The event for 7/20/02 will be held at:

Wisconsin Point

and will start at NOON. There is a $5 fee for this event if you haven't already paid.

7/16/02: Sorry Chris, no templates yet! Between work, studying, and other stuff I haven't found the time yet.....but do not fear! I will get it running before I go to Japan....which is July 31st for anyone who's interested. So for my happy update today, I have pictures from the practice on 7/11/02 PLUS a new movie up!

6/21/02: Everyone's screaming at me, "Where are the pictures???" Heh. They would have been up sooner....but I picked up Grand Theft Auto 3, and needless to say, I have bags under my eyes bigger than an ogre's canine(LARP joke....pause for laugh.....sill pausing....*sigh*). Anyway, the pictures are up now, along with 3 new movies! WOW! You should check these out....they're very cool. We're going to be trying a new format here at the TPLARP homepage, so if the page is down for a little while, don't have a hernia.

6/14/02: New pictures are up, a new inrto is up, and a new story, "Corbin's Bad Day" by Chris Grimm is up! Check 'em out!

6/12/02: The event on 6/15/02 will be held at


We were unable to reserve a different plot of land, so we have to use Wis. Point again. Event time is Noon - whenever we quit. E-mail Ty at TPAL_logs@yahoo.com if you need directions. Since we have facilities and don't have to pay for the land, this event will be FREE. A REMINDER: You must be at the practice on 6/13/02 (thursday) to attend the event! If you absolutely cannot make the practice, e-mail me and I'll get everything settled out.

6/7/02: Pictures from the practice on 6/6/02 are up. Reminder - you MUST be at the next practice (June 13th) to be allowed to go to the event on JUNE 15th!!!

6/6/02: Pictures from the practice on 5/30/02 are up. I'm out of school! WOO HOO!

5/24/02: Pictures from the practice on 5/23/02 are up. Yay for newbies!

5/4/02: Pictures from the practice on 5/2/02 are up.



Click here or click on the link on the side of the page!

4/27/02: Picture Page 6 is up with pictures from our first fighter practice.

4/26/02: Our first fighter practice was a little chilly - but it was still fun! New pictures should be up soon, along with MOVIES! (You can find our movie page on the Photo directory). Also, expect the rulebook to be available for download soon as well.


Our First fighter practice of the year is scheduled for

Thursday APRIL 25th at 6:00 P.M.

Newbies welcome! Come one, come all! See the



For directions on how to get to fighter practices, go to the Up-coming events page.


4/01/02:Happy April Fools! We've changed the "Rules Forum" to a "Tactics Forum." Now you can discuss fighting games, and swordfighting tactics! Cool.

3/22/02: Moved the index stuff around a little. Notice there is no "Old news" anymore. Everything is just in this box. Also, the signup for the mailing list is now situated right under this box! Amazing!

3/17/02: Added "The Smile of the Redcap" By Jeff Bloomquist to the Fiction page.

3/16/02: Fixed some of the links for the forums and added an easier way to sign up for the mailing list. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and enter your e-mail in the box, and Viola! You're signed up! There's a meeting today at the Superior Public Library from 1:00 - 4:00.

3/09/02: I've updated the site, adding the Fiction page. Check out The Redcap Chronicles by Jeff Bloomquist!

2/18/02: The meeting on the 16th was a lot of fun. Things seem to be coming along nicely, and this new season is going to be the best one ever! Pictures have been updated.

2/9/02:"Ty! Where have you been?" you ask. Well, I'll tell you. As some already know, my camera is broken. :( That is the reason (along with school) that the site has not been updated lately. We have been added as a link to the Twin Ports Gamer's Den, which you can find on the links page. I've been reading the "Redcap Chronicles" lately, which were written by mailman's dad. They are fantastic pieces of writing and will be going up on the website soon. The LARP gaming expo on the 15th was a blast, and I'm working on getting pictures up from it. Soon, (Hopefully) my camera will be repaired. Chris is in the process of re-writing the rules, so get your suggestions in now! I don't want to give anything away, but you should expect some AMAZING things out of the group this year.

12/31/01: Happy New.....wait, it's only 1:30. Oh well. I have some new year's goodies for everyone, though. The pictures from the LARP dinner at Old Country Buffet (That's OCB to my homies) are up! Check 'em out! Also, I updated the events page to list our up coming LARP get-togethers.

12/25/01: Merry Christmas, Kwanzaa, and every other holiday there is! I'm adding some pictures from the Library meeting, but my camera recently died, so it will be a while before any more pictures go up. (Weep, weep, cry, sob)

11/26/01:I added a different set of random pictures for each page, so the random picture generator will show a new set every time you go to a different page. Also, the morgue has been updated with grave stones and epitaphs for players.

11/14/01: The Random Picture generator is now up! We have 8 random pictures that come up...well...randomly! Also, the rules development link is up!

11/11/01: Progress -

WHEW! Through a lot of hard work, finally the pictures are DONE! WOO HOO! Please make sure to beta test them for me, because I'm not sure if all of the links work yet. YAY!

11/11/01: Progress -

We should be proud! Our LARP page has the most number of pictures out of any LARP page on the web! 170 Pictures and growing! Remember to order you LARP Picture CDs! Only $5!

11/10/01:Welcome to the new layout of the TPLARP Website! Many of the links are down for now, but I managed to get pictures pages 1 and 2 up, despite me working till 1AM. Check 'em out!

11/09/01: Still Working on the website....

10/25/01: Sorry! I've been busy with schoolwork and have been unable to update the website (or even go to practices), but I've got some awesome pictures from the practices and events I've been able to go to. Check 'em out. Soon we'll be sporting a new look for the website as well.

9/15/01: Added pictures from the event on 9/15/01 and the Practice on 9/13/01 on the next picture page.

9/7/01: Added pictures from the practice on 9/6/01. Our next event will be September 15th (Saturday) at the Superior National Forest (AKA The Cross Country Ski Trails).

9/3/01: Put up the (one) picture from practice on 8/28/01. REMEMBER! Practice has been changed to thursdays now!

8/19/01: Added pictures from Practice on 8/14/01

8/8/01: Added Pictures 4 which contains pictures from the Practice/Mini-Event on 8/7/01.

8/6/01: The event on 8/4/01 was canceled halfway through due to a substantial health risk because of the 104 degree tempature and lingering water supplies. Added pics from 8/4/01 on Pictures 3.

7/31/01: Added Pictures from fighter practice on 7/17/01 and 7/31/01. Added Waiver and Good Sportsmanship Agreement page so you can download copies of those two essential documents. REMEMBER! Event is on August 4th, saturday. DOWNLOAD DIRECTIONS HERE!

7/11/01: Added Pictures from practice on 7/10/01, added "What is LARP" page.

7/5/01: Made flash stuff for the site, and added pictures from practice on 7/3/01

6/29/01: Put up pictures from the HOT practice on 6/26/01.

6/21/01: Put up pictures from the Practice on Tuesday, and Connie's picture is up.

6/18/01: Put up pictures from our second event (best one ever) on pictures 2.

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