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The most common race played. No special makeup or props are necessary, they can be all body types, and are easily the most versatile race in the game.

Humans have many diverse cultures, thus they don't have any natural tendencies towards any skills, nor do they shy away from any.


Dwarves tend to be short and stocky. They pride themselves on their beards (even their women have beards). A practical race, magical aptitude often escapes them, leaving them ideal for more martial or mundane roles in society.

Due to their underground societies, Dwarves make excellent miners and smiths. Many of the best blacksmiths in the realms are Dwarves. Even if they did not create the armor, they are incredible at repairing it as well.

Dwarves, however, tend to be a practical folk. They frown upon Magic and consider it 'cheating'.


Elves look very similar to humans. They tend to be very slender with pointed ears. They tend to avoid facial hair, or heavy armor and clothing. As a race Elves rely more on finesse than brute strength, and style is almost as important as function.

Due to their slim stature, they start with less hit points (HP) than some other races. They are, however, very in tune with the magical world and start with a few magic points (MP).

Elves tend to be extremely intelligent and studious, allowing them to learn more skills at the beginning. Their society encourages children to study magic and archery. Due to their woodland homes, however, they don't tend to have many resources for Blacksmithing.

Half Elves

Are the offspring of an Elven and Human union. Their physical features tend to favor that of their mother's race, though as a whole they average the skills of the two races.

In general Half-Elves tend to be loners. While not shunned from human or elven communities, they never quite seem to fit in or break the role of outsider.

Due to their mix with human and elven societies Half-Elves also have no real societal advantages when it comes to starting skills.


Are short creatures that live within the earth. Their small nature makes them slightly weaker than humans, but they too have a heightened magical talent.

Gnomes are also extremely curious allowing them to start with a broad range of knowledge. Their society is particularly fond of Magic, herbalism and alchemy. Weapons, however, are shunned by them, causing a penalty to any starting weapon skill.


Halflings are so named, as they tend to stand exactly half the height of a human. Small dexterous and longing for the luxuries in life. Halflings are a good-hearted race.

Due to their dexterous natures, many Halflings become tailors or locksmiths. Due to their small size almost none of them learn to use two handed weapons.


Occasionally, a fairly attractive Ogre (one with more teeth than scars) can find a human mate. This is where half-ogres come from. Larger and much more powerful than the human side of their gene pool, they tend to lack the intelligence and learning this side offers.

They do not have a society as they tend not to understand the complexities of a human society, and are not strong enough to last long in Ogre society.

This lack of understanding of operating in any society tends to make their formative years focus on weapons, and all other skills are considered unfamiliar to their 'society'. Due to their large size all their attacks do an extra point of damage. This is cumulative if they take the 'strong' trait